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Do you also combine the feeling of adventure and freedom with a bike? Especially in the warm summer months, it attracts numerous motorcyclists for long stages or fast jaunts on the streets.

Keep a considerable amount of money ready


If you want to fulfill your dream of having your own machine, you often have to keep a considerable amount of money ready. After all, the acquisition costs can often be compared to those of a small car. But immediately before the two-wheeler season, the required cash is often missing.

In this case, a loan for the motorcycle can help you. So you do not have to save the necessary purchase price and possibly do without a large part of the motorcycle season.

Comparison of leasing and personal loan


When buying a vehicle, the seller may submit a supposedly inexpensive leasing offer to you. However, you should compare this offer with the advantages of an installment loan before concluding the contract.

The monthly charges for a loan are higher than for leasing, but you have to make a high advance payment for the latter. With a personal loan, you can also deduct the installments paid from your tax return. In addition, you have to keep in mind that with a lease financing the bike will still belong to the leasing company at the end of the term and not to you.

In contrast, with a loan, you become the owner of the motorcycle immediately after the purchase contract. In addition, you will be required to purchase expensive comprehensive insurance when leasing, and all repairs must be carried out using original spare parts. With the loan, you are not made any regulations in this regard. You can also sell the two-wheeler at any time.

Obtain free and non-binding loan offers from our large partner banks


As you have surely recognized, a loan offers significant advantages over the leasing alternative. If you should have any questions in this regard, Good Finance’s financial experts will be happy to provide you with expert advice. In addition, we can obtain free and non-binding loan offers from our large partner banks, which you can then compare in peace.

Or apply for your motorcycle loan online now.

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