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Those who were rather carefree in December with their financial resources often find themselves in the January hole a month later. On the one hand, the bills usually pile up at the end of the year, on the other hand, high spending on Christmas shopping leads to a precarious situation in your wallet.

Does it make sense to want to take out a loan?


At the beginning of the year, numerous consumers are in an economically difficult situation for various reasons.

However, taking out a personal loan should be carefully considered in advance and should only be considered as a last resort. Alternatives may be available in this context. Before doing so, you should check whether you can pay the invoice later or arrange an installment payment. Perhaps friends or family could borrow the money they need, which is now missing due to the high expenses.

Contact a reputable provider


If it still makes sense to want to take out a loan, you should definitely contact a reputable provider. These do not charge you any credit fees and do not advertise with instant loans. If you submit your loan request to the “wrong” bank, it could be rejected – with possibly unpleasant consequences.

Since all credit applications are stored at the central office for credit information for two years, the rejection is visible to every financial institution during this period. In addition, your credit rating has deteriorated, making it more difficult to get an inexpensive personal loan. It is therefore recommended that you only submit an application.

After the budget and scoring review required by law, the decision is usually made quickly.

Great service from independent credit advisers


If you still have any questions or need support in this connection, our credit experts are at your disposal – also in a personal telephone conversation.

Our specialists know the financial market and will help you to find the bank with the best offer.

Since we have agreed on exclusive interest rates with our partner banks, we can offer you first-class conditions for all forms of credit.

Request a non-binding loan offer now.

Apply for credit now

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